Using Editors Select

What is Editors Select?

It’s a password-protected, searchable database created exclusively for editors. The database includes short bios and photos of all Books & Such clients, as well as searchable lists of available projects. In the future we plan to add video speaking clips for many of our clients.

How do I access Editors Select?

Submit an access request via our registration form.   We’ll send you a confirmation e-mail with a login and password that will allow you to access the exclusive, password protected areas.

Can I search for a specific author?

Yes. You can read about that author and, if he or she has projects available, those will be listed.

Can I search by genre?

Yes. All projects are cross-referenced by genre, so if, say, you are looking for a book on racial reconciliation, you would be able to pull up a specific project coded under Social Issues.

What if I find a project or writer who interests me?

We joked about having a shopping cart that would deliver the proposal straight to your e-mail box, but because we still want that personal touch and the ability to craft a cover letter specifically to you, we opted for request links. Below each project description you can click links indicating your interest, and the project’s agent will be in touch with you, sending you the material requested.

What if I’m looking for a collaborative writer, a ghostwriter or someone available on a work-for-hire basis?

You can search our Resource Writers section by author, topics, and project type.

How will I know if a project or author is still available?

We’re committed to keeping this database fresh and usable. Each agent will be updating weekly.

Ready to get started?  Check out Editors Select now!  And let us know if you spot ways we can refine our system to make it more useful to you. We’re only an email away.